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Hello BestFriends! 


I have been planning a quick, mini Birthday Project for Jeongmin’s birthday that is coming up soon. I know it’s short notice, but this project will be a success, I know it!


Moving on, Jeongmin’s turning 20 next year! That means he will be 21 years old in Korean age. Now that he’s all grown up, he will now be seen more as an adult. To fit the growth of Jeongmin’s character and age, it’s an important fact that he is now at a time where he can be taken more seriously despite his often carefree and silly image. Some say that adulthood also comes with responsibility. Although I am not sure if this birthday present to him will help him with that, we will still be showing Jeongmin that as much as he has grown, Bestfriends have grown with him as well. So this year, instead of just sending fancy gifts that will make Jeongmin shine, we will also send gifts that will make others shine as well. 



This year, we will be donating to Camfed, an organization that helps sponsors young girls in Africa to get the education that they deserve. In place of these donations, Jeongmin will be the donor that will help this organization buy donating to it. Once the money is donated, Camfed will send an Ecard / Certificate to Jeongmin to let him know about the donation. Jeongmin has always made us smile, so why not help others smile as well?


Our theme/quote for this project will be: 

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 
― Maya Angelou

Of course, we will also be included a gift for Jeongmin personally, so don’t worry!


What we will be gifting to Jeongmin: 

- $25 - 50 USD to Camfed Organizations

- Cufflinks


How you can help:

- Help donate! Send in donations through our Paypal! You will be added to our donors list when Jeongmin receives the gifts.

- Send a quick birthday message to send to Jeongmin (Must be in English / Korean / Japanese…no konglish please)



Project Ends: December 24, 2013

Check out more through I’m Your Bestfriend, BoyFriend’s New International Forum.

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