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Kim Donghyun / Shim Hyunseong / Lee Jeongmin / Jo Youngmin / Jo Kwangmin/ No Minwoo

Debut: May 26, 2011


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Join I’m Your Bestfriend International Forum’s 2nd Christmas Project!

This year I’m Your Bestfriend will be hosting our second annual Christmas project for our beloved Boyfriend! This project will need your help, as we help tie the lines of communication between Bestfriends and Boyfriend! 

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[NOTICE] Blog Updates

Hello Bestfriends! As many of you may have noticed, this blog is not as active as it used to be. The reason for that is because many of the Admins have now swtiched over and become more active on I’m your Bestfriend Forum! 

Don’t worry though! We will still post occasional updates and always update our followers with news about projects and BF! Thank you for sticking with us since 2011 and we hope you will understand!

Anonymous asked:
which recent shows have boyfriend been on?

Shows are in variety? BF has been on Weekly Idol and also many other programs in Japan such as NicoNico since they are promoting their album Seventh Color in Japan right now

[PIC] 140801 BOYFRIEND Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin for bnt international #2

cr. bntnews

[PIC] 140801 BOYFRIEND Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin for bnt international #3

cr. bntnews

© sparkle ad at subway station in seoul for Minwoo’s 20th birthday 07/31


BOYFRIEND - 140719 Hong Kong APM fansign


Finally after a long wait, BoyFriend will be having their Korean comeback! I’m Your Bestfriend wishes to support the boys as much as possible, so purchasing their albums is a must! We will be purchasing physical copies of the album by mass order so please join us if you plan on ordering the album anyways.
The albums will be purchased directly from a seller in Seoul and will count towards the Hanteo Chart, which is crucial in order to help our boys.The chart is Korea’s biggest music chart and reflects on all the programs where BF will be promoting. 

For more info please click here!


BOYFRIEND Yahoo! and Nicovideo~

Cr: officialBFjp

I so love youuuu!!!! @-}—

[Teaser] BOYFRIEND(보이프렌드) _ OBSESSION(너란 여자)   


Boyfriend’s official twitter account


2014*5*23 CanCam♡BOYFRIEND

Cr: Jeongmin_prince

Cute and happy Boyfriend ^^



140508 Boyfriend STAFF DIARY「1995.04.24 봄처럼 따뜻하고 사랑스러운 스무살! 영민&광민 Happy Birthday!」


[scan] Boyfriend in haru hana vol.023